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If you have placed your Digital Communications Strategy at the heart of your businesses activities, then Internet security is of critical importance to the day-to-day running, communications and stability of almost all of your activities.

No one is immune to the threat posed to businesses large and small from malicious attacks on your networks, websites and applications.

Spam, Virus and denial of service attacks are just some of the techniques used to compromise your business. Anderson Baillie Digital in conjunction with Ambersail Secure Solutions will help you to implement an appropriate Digital Security plan, protecting your business from the inevitable likelihood of future attack.

About Ambersail Secure Solutions

Ambersail Secure Solutions

Ambersail is a security assessment company that provides expert security monitoring services to businesses. We provide protection of online applications, brand assets and detection of online identity theft and fraud.

It’s all too easy to purchase the latest network security products and assume full protection.

Without expert knowledge, investment in a secure infrastructure can lead to a false sense of security – often resulting in disparate systems that are wide open to abuse.

There’s more to network security than simply identifying and acting upon vulnerabilities. Our specialists apply knowledge at the design stage, taking in each customer’s unique needs and creating forward-looking solutions using specially selected technologies.

Who do we work for?

We deliver solutions to businesses in a wide range of business sectors. These include financial, retail, leisure and government.

Our customers fall into two distinct categories. They are either small to medium businesses or enterprises with global outlooks.

What do we offer?

Our services have been carefully designed to ensure online applications and their supporting environments are fully functional and secure.

A combination of expert security engineers and best-of-breed products offer a complete, strategy-wide approach to application security.

Ambersail Assured

Ambersail Assured

Comprehensive, pro-active security monitoring for online systems and their supporting environments.

Few organisations have the time or expertise to keep up with the range of fraud and security issues confronting every on-line business.

That’s where Ambersail Assured can help. In our experience almost 80% of networks exhibit high-risk weaknesses - which can be identified and removed using Ambersail Assured.

Our advanced layered approach to auditing environments, combined with comprehensive intelligence gathering, provides a full, clear understanding of technical and business threats.

With an enviable track record of delivering to high profile clients, Ambersail understands the online security concerns of both large and small organisations.

Getting Ambersail Assured to work for your organisation is easy. Deploying our audit & monitoring solution ensures you stay vigilant in the ever-evolving world of online security.

Providing protection against:

  • Disclosure and Theft of Sensitive Data:
    Applying up to the minute knowledge of online theft techniques.
    Isolating and removing exposed links to corporate data.
  • Customer Account Theft:
    Abusing your brand... limiting the opportunities for external parties to steal your customer accounts. Abusing business assets... limiting opportunities for abusing network access control mechanisms.
  • Unauthorised Access:
    Ensuring that authorised users only see the data that they should.
    Blocking unauthorised user access.

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