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Integrating Internet technologies appropriately into your business can transform the effectiveness and efficiency of your digital communications.

Anderson Baillie Digital has extensive experience, working with businesses large and small in developing tailored digital communications strategies.

All activities undertaken on behalf of our clients are considered and implemented within the context of either an existing digital communications or as part of an integral strategy, planning and delivery programme.

Where ROI maximisation is essential to a project, for instance, where a fixed budget is available to achieve specific sales, marketing or lead generation targets, our strategic planning services will enable you to deliver measurable returns.

Anderson Baillie Digital offers the following three digital communications strategy services:

Digital Communications Audit

Are you confident with your current Internet activities? Anderson Baillie Digital are able to help you understand the best way to utilise digital communications technologies within your business. Using our Digital Audit methodology we are able to:

  • Identify and engage with the most appropriate decision makers within your business.
  • Highlight organisational and business processes, determining their application into online activity.
  • Identify your business' actual and target internet audiences.
  • Consider appropriate information delivery, architecture and sourcing.
  • Look at management and administration structures, identifying where responsibilities, workflow and issues will affect your business.
  • Review of internal and external systems integration, identifying options for integration.

Digital Asset Audit

How effective is your website? Using our standardised usability examination review, we are able to determine how well your website performs against a series of sample user tasks. Placing your website under an objective independent microscope allows us and you quickly identify where improvement is required or where and why your site is successful.

Search Engine Marketing Audit

Review of how well your website performs when prospective users search for your products, services or information using major search engines

  • Multi-level search engine site optimisation review
  • Search engine specific website planning and implementation
  • Search – centric web content guidelines

Anderson Baillie Digital is able to apply our proven strategic methodologies in understanding your business, enabling us to engage effectively in maximising your digital communications initiatives.

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Online Strategy Case Studies
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Amdocs ClarifyCRM, a division of Amdocs, the world leader in CRM, billing and order management systems, approached Anderson Baillie to tender for their global Communication Service Provider (CSP) lead generation campaign.
Ariba Case Study - Ariba web portal proves central to the success of B2B forum - Click here to read this case study
The Anderson Baillie project team worked closely with Andersen Consulting partner representatives to plan and deliver the successful Ariba B2B Forum.