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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of increasing the position of a web site within the search engines through modifications to your website that will enhance the content and the source code behind it - ultimately providing a wider audience through increased traffic to your site. 

Websites may rank poorly in search engines or may not be listed at all because they fail to consider how search engines work. Submitting to search engines is only part of the challenge, to get good search engine rankings it is important to prepare a website through optimisation.

We can optimise your website to ensure that your web pages are accessible to the search engines and stand an excellent chance of appearing as high as possible in the search results. Despite what other online marketing companies claim, no one can guarantee top search engine or directory placements because there are 3rd parties who have all of the control: the search engines and the directory editors. What we can guarantee is that we will help you with optimal site design, keyword research and content development to give your website the potential for a top ranking.

Choosing your keywords 

Keyword analysis is one of the most important aspects of website optimisation. If your website does not contain optimised keywords or key phrases then you have little chance of attracting users to your website by way of search engines.

Anderson Baillie Digital works closely with our clients to determine appropriate keywords and phrases that will attract a specific audience or audiences based on the products or services on offer. We have the tools and expertise to analyse any number of keywords/phrases and develop reports outlining their usage, popularity and suitability. From this analysis we can develop an effective strategy to position your site well in a number of appropriate market places. 

SEO Audit

Be it an existing website or a fresh new build, an SEO audit is an important part of the optimisation process. Using an array of effective industry tools we can analyse your website or specific pages to determine how effective your keyword placement and usage is. In addition we can also provide reports on linkage (other websites linking to your site) and determine your position on all major search engines under set criteria.

This is often the starting point of tackling any SEO project but is also part of a cyclic process of choosing keywords, populating the site and monitoring its effectiveness. We recommend regular audits of this nature on your website and/or key pages in order to adapt to growing trends and keep up with the competition.

Competitor Analysis

As part of the SEO process, it is often important to consider and analyse the competition in detail. We can perform analysis on competitive websites and build a picture of the market environment. By studying the techniques and placement of your top performing rivals, we can develop the appropriate measures to either challenge effectively in an existing arena or distinguish your website from the crowd through a unique strategy. 

Working Within a Content Management System

Keywords, search terms and phrases are important to consider within the content of your website. It is also very important to include your search terms within other specific elements of a web page including the page title and meta tags. Although these elements are not always visible to a casual browser, they are embedded in the source code of a web page and are often the first and most important elements considered by a search engine spider.

Anderson Baillie Digital's Content Management Solutions are developed with this in mind. Are systems enable any administrator when creating or modifying a page to add or manipulate the title, description and keywords which will be embedded in the source code and subsequently viewed by the search engines on a page by page basis.

Internet Directories

Although Anderson Baillie Digital will promote your website through an effective SEO strategy as efficiently as possible, SEO is a long term and inherently slow process and it can take some time to enjoy the benefits. Often a company may wish for a short term solution to compliment their SEO efforts.

Anderson Baillie Digital is constantly researching and updating our lists of Search Engine and cost free Internet Directories. We will be happy to submit your newly optimised website to as many as possible to get your site off to a flying start. We are also happy to share our knowledge in advising and assisting you with any subscription based services, sponsored links, advertisements, reciprocal links, etc.

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